How to given concessions in bulk

How to given concessions in bulk

Follow the below path to given concessions in bulk

Path: Finance --> Fee Management --> Manage Fee Concessions --> Select Segment, Class, Section and the Fee type and hit "Get" --> ---> Select all students, Select type of concession as Add and concession Name and click on Save

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    • How to give concessions in bulk?

      Please follow the below path to give concessions in bulk Finance--> Fee Management--->Manage Fee Concessions---> Select Student Segment, Class, Section, Regular Fee Types--> Click on Get--> We can upload concessions by selecting Upload Fee Type Wise ...
    • How to give concession to a student

      Please follow the below path to given the concession to the students. Path: Finance --> Collections --> Make Payment --> Search the student --> Fee Details --> Click on Request For Concession against the fee type for which would you like to give the ...
    • How to approve concession requests in bulk

      If you are having the approval process, only the approving authority can approve the concession request. If the approval mechanism is not there, Principal or the system admin can approve the concession request in bulk, by following the below path ...
    • How to update concession last date settings

      You can define the concession last date settings, upto that date only branch level user can able to give the concession. Follow the below path to update the concession last date settings Settings --> Finance --> Last Date Settings --> Concession Last ...
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      Please follow the below path to view Fee Concessions Reports Path: Finance--> Reports ---> Fee Concessions Reports--> Select Academic Year, Branch, Student Status--> Click on Get