Greetings From MyClassboard!

This article describes the steps to be followed in using the software MY CLASSBOARD in PARENT WEB APPLICATION. We intend to give assistance to parents on how to use the product effectively.

Our goal is to create a better experience for parents and school to stay connected.

How to Login to Web Parent Portal? 

Step 1:

Log into the portal by entering the respective URL provided by the school in the address bar of any web browser.

Step 2:

Login to MCB with Parent Login Credentials. i.e., the assigned user name and password by the school.

At any point of time incase you forget the USER ID or PASSWORD , it can always be retrieved. You can reach out to your child's school.

Step 3:

You shall be routed to your child's School  MCB Account. The homepage appears with the name of the school on the top left corner below which the profile picture of the student appears.

The homepage also displays the name, class, section and enrollment number of the child and also the sibling details if any. Else, we have an option to add sibling on the top right corner.

Step 4:

On the extreme top right corner of the homepage we find four options.

1) WhatsApp alerts : It is a two-way communication. The Parents can get the latest updates from

school by sending a keyword from their WhatsApp number registered with the school.

2) MCB Live : An initiative by MCB to keep the students and the teachers updated with video lessons, Study Material and Assessments related to all classes and subjects.

3) Change password : This option enables the child to change the login password.

 4) Logout : One can logout of the MCB Web Portal by clicking on the logout option.

Step 5 :

On the dashboard, below the profile picture of the student, we have three options.

1) Assignments : The assignments given by the school teacher will be displayed here under this assignments option.

When one clicks on the view assignments option , the child can view both online and offline assignments of all subjects given by the teacher. The student also has an

option to short list the assignments under submitted and not submitted respectively.

2) Diary : This option enables the parent to view the diary of the student. The homework given by the teachers of all subjects will be displayed here.

*NOTE* The parent has the provision to view even the past dates homework and classwork of the child.

The child has the provision to submit the homework online by clicking on the submit option next to the homework given.

The submission screen display is as follows

Choose the relevant option for classwork understanding.

For submitting the homework, choose the file type and files to be attached from your device.

Add description if required and click on Submit button.

Post submission the student can also view and edit the submitted diary.

3) Announcements : The parent can select the desired date and can view all the announcements made by the school.

Step 6:

On the dashboard, below the homepage the parent can see two options

ERP Dashboard and Learning management.

Step 7 :

When we click on the first option i.e., ERP Dashboard we find the following page

It has features like My profile to the left side of the page, Attendance and Updates to the right side.

My profile option to the left side displays the portfolio of the student, personal information of the student and parent details.

The digital portfolio gives the learning journey of the student in an academic year. It includes teacher observations, anecdotes, students participation in discussion threads, anecdotes, online classes attended, achievements of the student, etc.

The Attendance option is useful to track, mark and notify Parents about their child’s attendance trend. Parents can view Monthly, Daily Attendance Percentage

 The Updates option enables the parent to stay updated with every information from school.

Step 8 : 

Under ERP Dash board, We find menus like, 

Attendance : To track the daily attendance of the student.

School Store : The option to make or view transactions made by the parent for the school kit prescribed by the school including Books kit, uniform, shoes , belt etc.

Term Report Card : The progress report card of the student in both scholastic and co-scholastic for a term and overall year can be accessed through this option.

Parent Concerns : The parent has the provision to raise a concern from their end to the school management. To submit the concern, click on + sign and submit the concern. Attachment is an optional. Upon submitting the concern, parent will receive an email with the reference number of the concern registered along with the details of the concern. The follow up communication regarding the concern further actions will also be notified over email. If parent is not satisfied with the resolution of the closed concern, there will be an escalation option for the parent to escalate the concern to the next level.

 Subjects : Parents can view the Languages ,Optional Subjects and Core Subjects opted by the student.

Gate Pass :  This feature enables the parent to raise a request for pick up gate pass and pre-approved gate pass from their end.

The request for student pickup pass  page looks like the following.

The parent also has the provision to check the raised requests for gate pass and QR scan option too .

Information Corner  :Along with options like messages and announcements we have another menu Information Corner through which the parent stays updated with all the happenings at school .

Timetable : This option helps the parent and the student to stay updated with the daily class timetable with respect to the days and time.

Birthday students list : This menu helps the student to know his/her peer’s birth dates along with classmates birthdays.

Fee Details : This option under the FINANCE module helps the parent to know the fee structure assigned to the child. The parent can have a detailed view of various types of fee and make payments and view the status of all transactions.

To make the payment off fees the parent need to select the fees to be paid by checking the check boxes under make payment option and click continue

Now select the type of payment and proceed.

The parent can view the transactions and also take the print of the receipt.

Fee invoice : The parent can get a print or a softcopy of all the fee transactions by just clicking on the menu, FEE INVOICES in the ERP Dashboard. By selecting the year and term and clicking the get invoice button, the parent can view all the invoices of that term fee.

Messages : This module helps the parent to maintain communication with the school through direct text messages and notifications. The parent can also send message to the concerned school team through the compose messages feature.

Event Calendar : School Events, Holidays, Exams Lists etc. can be viewed through Event  Calendar. Teachers can post any upcoming events / activities that require Parent’s engagement.

The other interesting features available in the ERP dashboard are,

TC Request : Enables the parent to request for TC. The parent can raise a request for Transfer Certificate for Branch change or School change.

Library Details : The library details with the availability of books can be viewed. The parent can search for a book from the available stock.

Activity : The Photo albums of various activities shared by the school can be viewed. The parent can view the activity photos by selecting the Activity menu.

Student Daily Log : The student daily log is used for viewing the records of the activities  that are done by the teacher and students at various time intervals as defined by the school for a day. The details of the student daily log saved by the class teacher is made available here. 

Health Details: This module keeps a track of the health details and medical history of the student recorded by the school.

Survey Form : The parents gets notified about the survey form initiated by the school and gets an option to fill it from the parent log in itself and also has the provision to get the printout of the survey form.

Feedback Form : The school sends a feedback form to students to get their feedback about the various aspects at school, it could be academics,co- curricular activities, transport etc. The parent fills the feedback form and click on submit which is at the bottom of the page.

Student Anecdotes : This is the feedback by the subject teacher or class teacher for the student. It can be an academic performance or behaviour of the student. The teacher gives grades to the student on each criteria.

PTM : The Parent Teacher Meeting timings of the scheduled meeting and also the past meetings displays under this PTM menu of ERP Dashboard.

Student Leaves and Special Note : This option enables the parent to send special note to the teacher about the student and also raise a leave request. The parent clicks on the option Student Leaves And Special Notes and can view the leave requests raised In the past. In order to create a new leave request, the parent clicks on the option ADD NEW on the top right corner and raises a new request.

Buy Books/Uniforms : This menu in the ERP helps the parent to buy books and uniforms from the school prescribed store and also can vie all past transactions.

Parent Bank Account Details : The parent has the provision to update the bank account details in this menu.

LMS- Learning Management Systems

When clicked on the LMS dashboard, the following screen appears.

Learning League:

Learning league is the doubt clarification session or a discussion thread created by the teacher and the student. The student has the provision to post his/her doubts in regards to the subject and get it clarified by the teacher.

Student can also collaborate with other students and participate in the discussions and learn from peers.

Online exams or worksheets:

The teacher can create both objective type and summative type of online exams from her log in and the student gets notified under this menu from LMS. By clicking on start exam the student can submit the exam.

Under objective type, we see the following screen.

NOTE* The parent can see the result of the test by selecting the completed test option.

Under summative exams option the student gets notified about the summative exams assigned by the teacher and can submit the exam from the same page. The student can view the question paper and answer sheet.

Similar to the objective exam the student can also give the summative exam by clicking on the submit exam next to the exam.

The student can upload the answer sheet and submit the test.

Post teacher’s correction the student and parent can see the result of the test in the same page. The parent can also view the teacher’s remarks and the validation sheet.

Online class:

The initiated online class by the teacher can be viewed here .It can be through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. The child joins the class from the same page.


The learning menu under LMS has all the content , links and saved videos related to all subjects for the specific chapter. The student has easy access to the uploaded study material and school library at any time and anywhere with this option.


Under learning management systems select assignments to check all the assignments given by the teacher.

The student can submit the assignment by entering the content manually or uploading a file.

Post submission of the assignment the parent can view the result from the same page.

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